Thursday, December 29, 2011

The day after Christmas

It seems as though an entire year of planning and anticipation crescendos into this long awaited Christmas, only to last one day and decrescendo entirely too fast.
If only it could be Christmas everyday.

While I am all for appreciating the little things, Christmas is the one time we intentionally appreciate the big things.
Like Jesus, amazing food, and our families.
It's a time to celebrate and be merry.
To love and to give.

And after having 20 Christmases of getting everything I ever wanted, from Santa and then my parents, I knew it was time to make sure my boy grew up the same way.
There's nothing more satisfying than his excitement for a new toy, even if he doesn't understand what's going on.

I always said that I would never be one of those child spoiling mothers, but how can you not want to give them the entire world?
How could you not want them to have everything you had, and more?

There are a lot of great things about my in-law family. Like the fact that we all get along really well, or how there are now 6 nieces, nephews, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. But one thing that I have come to expect and love, is how holidays and birthdays always last longer than their appointed days.
We keep celebrating long after the balloons have deflated, the cake is gone, and the presents are opened.

While all of your Christmases may have ended the day they began, mine is just starting to come to a close.
And now we're off to another baby huggin', game playin', food eatin' celebration.

I hope all of your Christmases were very merry.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's a love shack

If you know me personally, or have been keeping up with me on here, than you know that I hate messes, and even more, I hate cleaning.
It's an oxymoronic relationship, and we're trying hard to work on our differences.
And it seems that the few times when I have busted out the vacuum or decided to do all 17 loads of laundry, the baby wants to be held, or wants to snuggle. Or he's just being so good and cute that I can't, for the life of me, let him sit there all by himself.
So I throw down the vacuum and put the clothes aside, and join my little man on the floor with his obnoxious amount of toys. Sure, maybe it's an excuse, but in my mind, it's a good one.
And you know what? When I look back on my life in 10 or 20 years, I won't be saying "Man, I should have spent more time cleaning, and cooking or baking." 
I'll look back and I'll know that I tried my hardest to not miss a thing. I'll know that our messy rooms with baby toys in random places and clothes on every surface means that we have lived, and we have thrived, in this place I like to call our love shack.
It's where babies are made and raised. Where booboos are healed with kisses and spankings are dealt out accordingly.
Where messes and memories come as a package gift.

I know there are things in life that need to get done, whether we like it or not, and cleaning is one of them. And I will teach my kids that cleanliness and organization are important parts of life.
But when it comes down to it, a day trip to Disney World will always one up a messy house.

Of course, you could always get extremely lucky and marry someone who just so happens to be a master of speedy cleaning, and doesn't mind doing it, to boot.
So when it's the day before Christmas Eve, the room is in shambles, the laundry is exploding out of the bin, and the bathroom is a wreck, and he says "I got this," so you can go to the mall with your girlfriends, than you know God knew what he was doing when he picked out this guy for you.

Trying to clean with the escape artist was kinda of difficult anyways.

Every time I turned around, he made a mad dash for the door.
He finally settled with sitting in this corner of the house, watching the dogs play outside, for about 30 minutes. He was longing to be with them, running free and wild.
My not so little boy.

Tomorrow, he will open his presents from Santa, even though he has no idea how to open them or who Santa is. I like to start things off right, and it's never to early to keep a tradition.

Merry Christmas, everyone.
I hope your house is full of love, traditions, and eggnog.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Insane in the membrane

When you have a baby, time means nothing.
I know that I've probably said this before, but it becomes truer everyday. 
And I don't mean that he makes me late everywhere I go. We've got that down packed. 
What I mean is how one week can make a world of a difference in his developmental skills. 
He went from wanting to stand up and needing someone to hold him up, to pulling up on everything he can get his hands on and standing tall in what seems like one night. 
And you can forget about holding him. He twists and squirms and wiggles his way right down to the floor so he can pull himself up some more. 
Oh, and the dogs that were totally afraid of him before? They're best friends. 

He pulls their hair, slaps their noses, grabs their legs while they walk by.
And if they come to sniff him, he opens his mouth. I have yet to get one of those dog-licking-the-inside-of-the-baby's-mouth pictures, but it's coming.
Nothing is safe anymore.

Speaking of safe things, the Sawgrass mall does not fall under that category.
I swear we left Florida and headed straight into Cuba/Puerto Rico/Mexico/China/Korea/England.
I seriously don't think I overheard one American conversation. And that's saying something, 'cause that place was packed. 
Even the people who worked in the stores approached me speaking Spanish.
We left exhausted and pretty much empty handed.
But over the course of the next four days, I got everything on my shopping list. I was proud of myself for getting it all under the budget I had. And with that left over money, I'm hitting up the thrift stores and the fabric store. 
So stick around because there is going to be a lot of sewing going on.
Only if you're interested, of course.

I know this was a short post, but I'm one tired mama.
Sick babies, doctor's visits and Christmas shopping make for a very busy day.

I hope you all got your shopping done, because it is seriously insane in the membrane out there.
If you do decide to brave the stores, don't be a follower and drive like a clown, like the rest of South Florida. 

Hasta luego, amigos! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Thank God it's almost Friday, right?
Friday's used to be nothing but another day, back when I was working as a server at Duffy's and Todd was working at ABC. I worked Wednesday through Sunday and he worked Tuesday through Saturday.
We had our weekends when everyone else was working, and sulked as we walked out of the door for work while everyone else was having their weekends.

But now, Friday's are golden.
Especially tomorrow, since I'm going shopping.
I feel like a kid the night before leaving for Disney World.
Anticipation, excitement, wonder.
Most of the wonder has to do with wondering how I am going to manage to actually shop since we are bringing the baby. I don't really have a choice since I'm still nursing. But it'll be an adventure, and I'm sure we'll talk about it years down the road..
Remember that one time we went to the outlet malls and brought the baby? It was 9 days before Christmas, he hadn't had a nap all day, and you felt fat...
Memories, people, memories.

Speaking of memories...
I cannot tell you how much it makes my heart smile and leap to walk into the baby's room, to find this;

I couldn't find them, and they were being extra quiet, which is never a good thing.
But this time, it was a wonderful thing.
Thank God for that point and shoot.

He's a multi-tasker..

Those eyes get me everytime.

This one was just a quickie. I gotta get my beauty sleep and prepare for the day ahead of me.
I actually made a plan, on paper, of what I want to buy and where we need to go.
That's right, I'm on a mission.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In the land of motherhood

Apparently in the land of motherhood, "tomorrow" really means "the day after tomorrow."
I had every intention of blogging yesterday, but sometimes intentions are just not enough.

Anyways, today was a pretty interesting day.
Another reality in the land of motherhood is that time means nothing.
So when Grace and I say that we want to go to a friend's, get some lunch, go to the mall, and be at Target by 5, and all of this gets pushed back by an hour, and the whole mall thing doesn't even really happen, I blame it all on the babies.
'Cause they ain't got no rhythm, and they ain't got no rhyme.
Those babies, they do things on their own time.

Oh, and apparently crying is contagious, because when Nico cries, so does Aubrey. Without fail.
Needless to say, the car ride was fun, and crying babies and poopy diapers in Dillard's is even better.
But all in all, it was a really good day. I love getting out of the house, especially to visit with mamas and their babies.

Now, may I present to you, my Goodwill rescue.
This is the before..

And this is the after!
Don't you just love a crappy point and shoot picture?

Seriously, isn't it amazing? All I did was chop off 6 inches, iron and hem it with a simple straight stitch. 
And the best part is that it was 4 dollars. 
Can't beat that.
I know a lot of the time it seems as though you have to spend a ton of money to get a good looking outfit, but the secrets in the thrift stores. Just kick your imagination into high gear and pick out the most grandma-lookin' thing you can find.
Okay, maybe it doesn't have to be the ugliest thing in the store, but there are tons of skirts like these just waiting to get some lovin'. 
Don't know how to sew? Youtube, baby.
Don't have a sewing machine? That's what hands are for!
Just kidding.
But seriously, Craigslist, Ebay, thrift stores. It doesn't have to be super fancy and you don't have to invest a lot of money into it. Trust me, in the long run, you'll save yourself more than a buck.

Since my DSLR has decided to go missing, I had to bust out the point and shoot. 
It took a little getting used to, what with it's point and shoot, easy breezy, picture taking.
I almost forgot what it's like to not have to worry about aperture and shutter speed.
Too bad they kinda suck just a little bit. But here's some for you to look at anyways.

Aubrey thinks it's time for him to stand, and anything he can get his hands on is a lifting tool.
He likes to bite, and he likes to crawl all over you and use your face as an anchor.
He makes my days very.. entertaining. ;)

Well, that's all I've got today. 
Hopefully i'll actually be back tomorrow, but I'm not making any promises.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Family, friends, and a good glitter party

When I said it was going to be a busy week, I thought I would be exaggerating.
I knew I had a lot of stuff to do, and I know there were going to be quite a few things going on, but I did not expect it fly by without so much as a goodbye.
Like a thief in the night.
My birthday came and went, taking the magical number 20 with it, and bringing on the glitter party as it passed by.
What. A. Night.

But let me start at the beginning of my week. Monday was as normal as any Monday. Lazy, uneventful and relaxed. I spent most of the day preparing bags and papers for Aubrey's (minor) surgery the next day.
We had to be at the hospital at 6AM, and there was no way I was going to get up any earlier than necessary to pack the million things I might need for the baby.
I had no idea what time the actual surgery was scheduled for, and we ended up waiting about 2 and a half hours before they actually took him back.
Now, it wouldn't have usually been a big deal to wait, since Aubrey is seriously the best baby ever and can be content playing with the straps on my bag. However, I wasn't allowed to feed him when he woke up, and a hungry Aubrey means a very cranky Aubrey.
The nurses finally took him and I expected to see him about 90 minutes later.
They came and got me a little earlier, because he needed me.
He needed me.
The look on his face when I walked into the room will be forever seared into my memory.
His cheeks were soaked with tears, and his little eyes were almost swollen shut from crying so hard, but he reached out and grabbed onto my shirt, and held on for dear life.
I cuddled him, I nursed him, and I sang sweet little lullabies into his ear until he finally drifted to sleep.

The rest of the day was no different. He was groggy and cranky and wanted nothing but his momma.
He nursed twice as often as usual, and fell asleep in every position I put him in. We spent most of the day on the couch watching TV, and I swear to you I could have sat there every single day for the rest of our lives with him snuggled up against my chest.

And this realization came over me.
Yes, he's getting bigger and eating real food and going places without me, but he still needs me. He wants me to hold him more often now, and he notices when I walk out of a room, and when I come back.
He says ma-ma, and I'm not sure if he knows what it means or how he melts my heart with every syllable, but it's significant none-the-less.
And oh, how I miss him when I'm not with him.
His little buck tooth smile, and his floppy little ears.
I don't know how I was every happy before him.

The rest of the week was spent preparing for my party.
Yes, I made things way more complicated than they needed to be, and yes, I threw and decorated for my own party (with the help of Arielle, whom I can't thank enough!)
We took way too many pictures, and way too many shots, stayed up way too late, and didn't get nearly enough sleep.
But I think it was well worth it.
Once again, anyone who mattered came, and I was reminded why I have been friends with the same people my whole life.

The summits!

And the non-summits!

There are so many more pictures, but those will be put up on Facebook.  Unfortunately I didn't think enough to take pictures of all the pretty decorations, but let's just say that there will forever be glitter everywhere, just as I anticipated.
It will be a constant reminder of the fun we had, and the people I got to share my monumental "first legal drink" with. 
And I was honestly overwhelmed with the cards and gifts I received. Thank you, everyone!
I seriously love you all. 

Now, I plan on spending the rest of this month in a state of relaxation and Christmas cheer.
Oh, and doing lots of shopping, of course. 
And crafting.
And sewing.
Hey, it may not be your definition of relaxing, but it's the epitome of mine.

Right now, as I write, Todd is quietly drifting his way into dreamland. I think it's time I join him.
Tomorrow I will share the fabulous refashion finds I rescued from Goodwill.

Goodnight everyone.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fashion forward

As promised, here are some pictures of my imitation skirt. I just can't get over how cute it is! 

Yeah, I know I'm bragging but I'm just so excited about it.
You know how many times i've seen something and said, Oh, I can make that! Only to have it turn into a disaster and get all flustered and annoyed and throw my sewing machine across the room?
Okay, it's never gotten to that point, after all, it's only plastic and I doubt it would live through that.
And I need it to make more skirts like this one!

Please excuse the disaster I call my room. It's a work in progress...
The color's a little off thanks to the un-natural light.

I swear I am going to make it in every color I can get my hands on.
My new wardrobe will consist of 27 perfectly pleated high waisted skirts.

My next project comes from this blog. She's got tons of refashioning tutorials for all those clothes you have no idea what to do with.
Or, in my case, all those things you want to buy from the thrift store but have no idea what to do with. 
Like the elastic waisted, baggy, grandma pants I bought the other day...

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mission Impossible

It's funny how some days I can sit and write until my heart bursts, and others, I stare at the screen with no idea where or how to start saying what I want to say.
If I even have anything to say.
And today is one of those, I-have-nothing-to-say days.

Really, honestly, the last week has been like that. Hence the absentee blogging.
Not that the last week hasn't been anything but bliss.
Because it has.
Thanksgiving came, and I got to spend it with the people I love most.
Todd had 4 days off, and I swear we didn't know what to do with ourselves.
But only for a little while, 'cause we figured it out pretty quickly.

We took a lot of walks, ate way too many leftovers, did some craft store Black Friday shopping, and kept our little boy up way past his bedtime.
Bliss, I tell you.

Oh, and I sewed, of course.
I found this amazingly cute skirt on Pinterest, and I thought to myself, I am going to make this.
So I tried, and I SUCCEEDED.
I will show it all to you tomorrow, since it's almost 11 and baby likes to get up at, like, 5 AM. 
Here's the inspiration picture..

I can't tell you how excited I am that it actually worked and it looks JUST LIKE IT.
Except not in a size -0, cause that girl is teeny tiny.

Speaking of sizes, I am on a mission to lose 8lbs before the 9th (I know, I know, it's next week and that's impossible and blah blah blah)
When I say 8lbs, I really mean 6 and expect to lose 5.
I'm going the, no carbs/high protein way, and actually exercising, which I feel absolutely ridiculous doing.
All of my life I have stayed fit by playing sports and just being active.
But of course when you're not in high school and you don't play college sports, that method kind of goes out the window. So then you have to actually go to a gym or run around the block a million times, or something. Neither of which I enjoy doing. 
We'll see how it goes, but I am seriously determined.

I am also on a mission to find the perfect glitter dress for my much awaited glitter party.
I fell in love with this one,

But not the 250 dollar price tag.
I would make it, but I'm not that good.
So hopefully I can find something similar for, hmmm, a quarter of the cost?

I am going to apologize in advance for going missing again this next week.
There's going to be a lot going on, and I just might not have the time to sit down and write.

By the way, it's cold outside. And right now, our windows are open.
The smell of earth is slowly creeping in, replacing the stuffy ventilation of recycled air. 
I used to hate the cold, but after this summer, I am welcoming it.

Bring. It. On.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This beautiful life

I finally finished the purse I was telling you all about in my last post. It took a few days when it really should have only taken a few hours.
But as most of you know, getting things done with a baby always takes a lot longer.
However, I think the man hours were well worth it because I love it.
It has become my favorite bag overnight, and that's saying something since I never use purses.

The picture's kind of bad and the leather is actually a lot lighter in person.
Here's the original $250 one.

I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with myself!
The only big difference besides the price tag, is that mine doesn't have studs. I couldn't decide if I liked them, but I can always add them if I change my mind. 
As if Todd's new job isn't awesome enough, what with the hours and the pay, he actually gets holidays off.
We get to spend a whole four day weekend together. That's a freakin vacation!
And no, we are not going Black Friday shopping. While I love bargains and shopping sales, I don't love shoving people over to get to them. 
So we will spend the day tucked safely away in the house. 
Or the park.
Or maybe the beach.. I bet it'll be nice and empty, and there's nothing more that I love than an open field of sand and sun. 
Aubrey is officially mobile. I mean, he can't really go anywhere too fast, but I know it'll be a matter of days before I'm chasing him around the house like a mad woman. 
Guess it's time to bust out those socket plug thingies. 
While all of this is of course very exciting, it's also so sad. 
I thought I had a few more months of my baby needing me to go places, to see things.
I thought I had time.
The funny thing about time is that there's never enough of it.
Except when you want it to go by quickly. 
But most of the time, it comes like a thief in the night, and takes the most precious moments with it.
Leaving you with fleeting memories, and tear stained cheeks.
Those tears are tears of joy, of course.
'Cause i've noticed that when you're a mom, mostly everything makes you cry.
Like the dad-giving-away-daughter scenes in the movies.
Or the babies-being-born clips in TV shows. 
They all make you think of the time when you were there, doing those things, saying those words, feeling those feelings. 
And you cry, because you can remember how happy they made you. And just for a moment, you close your eyes and promise yourself that you will never forget those memories. 
But no matter how many times I close my eyes, and no matter how many times I open that memory box, something slips away. As if opening it time and time again releases a little bit of it's contents.
I know I've said it before, but I cannot fully express to you how much I wish I could stop time.
Actually, that's not quite true.
I love the continuation of time and the memories and the blessed happenings it brings with it.
What I do not love is the fact that we have to forget 90% of it.
What I want is to remember every. single. thing. 
The good, the bad, and the ugly.
I want to hold them close to my heart and open that box 100 times over and not lose a damn thing.
Oh, if only.
I'm ranting, I know, but days like this make me remember that the little things matter. 
They make me feel blessed and loved.
Things that make me happy and thankful:
-Aubrey. He is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me, besides,
-Todd. I don't know what I did to deserve such an amazing, faithful, loving husband. He is the spiritual leader our family needs and the best friend and father I could ever want.
-My parents. They love me, support me, and have always given me everything I could have asked for, even if it meant sacrificing something they wanted. 
-My house. It's beautiful, and full of family and love. Most people hate living with their parents, but I wouldn't want it any other way (for now ;])
-My in-laws. If I could have picked out my own second family, it would have been them. They love me like their own daughter/sister and I love/look forward to getting the chance to see them. I know how truly blessed I am to have them, considering that a lot of people can't stand their in-laws.
And of course, lace, flowers, pretty fabric, sparkly shoes, high waisted skirts, colorful hair, meaningful tattoos, spools of thread, bright green forests, salty air, snuggling, fires and smores..
this beautiful life.
What makes you happy, thankful?
Happy Tuesday, everyone. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

This is what I love

This is what life is all about.
This is all that matters to me.
This is what I love.

The past few years have been crazy. Full of love, and full of loss, but the one thing that will always remain are my love for those two boys, and their love for me. Nothing else matters.

People in this life will try their hardest to bring you down along with themselves.
Anchor yourselves. In God, in family, in love.
In the important things.
Because at the end of they day, they'll be there and they're the only ones that matter.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rocky's Random Life

It feels like it's been so long since I've written.
I'm sorry if I've kept any of you waiting. I'm finding it more and more difficult to sit down and write, not because I don't enjoy it, but because I feel like my days go by without the need to be written about.

To be honest, half of the time I don't even know what day of the week it is, much less what date it is.
All I know is that 2012 is slowly creeping up on me, and I don't know if I'm ready for it.
However, I know I don't really have a choice in the matter.
It's comin' for me, whether I like it or not.

In just a few short weeks, I will be 21.
And how else to celebrate legality than by throwing a huuuge party?
I'm talkin', invite-everyone-you-know-even-if-you-haven't-talked-in-years, huge.
Let's make it a themed party, too. Just for kicks.
And the theme is... Drum roll please!

Glitter. Glam. Sparkles. Bling.

Whatever you wanna' call it, it's going to shine.
Will it be super cute? Yes. Will it be terribly messy? Absolutely.
But my thought is, messes can be cleaned up, memories are a bit more permanent.
And anyways, I need an excuse to buy some glitter pumps.

Another reason for my absentee blogging is that I have been busy crafting.
I have been finding all these amazing DIY blogs from none other than Pinterest, and I got inspired to do my own DIY.

I was perusing the contents of Women's Apparel  on Pinterest and found this lovely bag. 

Image from Etsy.

Naturally, I fell in love with it, but not with the price tag. 250 dollars.
No, thank you.
But then I got to thinking. It's just leather, a doily, and a few accessories. I can totally make this!
So that is what I am going to do. I bought the supplies yesterday for about 15 dollars, and I'm about halfway through. I'll post plenty of pictures of it when I am done, but here's a sneak peak for now..

Now that Todd's home more often, I can hand off the baby and actually get some sewing done. 
It works out great because he gets some quality time with Aubrey and I get some quality time with my sewing machine. And then after the baby goes down, we get to eat dinner together and sometimes watch a movie.
Or catch up on Once Upon a Time.

Speaking of unrealistic fantasy things, Breaking Dawn has finally come out. 
I've only been waiting for it for a year, so it shouldn't matter that I have to wait until Saturday, right?
What's two more days?
It can't be here soon enough. 
Last year I made Todd wear a shirt that said "Team Bella." I'm not going to make him do it this year, just because he never let me forget that he did it.

Well, now that that's officially been the most random post ever, I'm off to spend some much needed quality time with my amazing husband.

Oh and P.S.- God is good, all the time. 
A lot of the time I forget it, and I'm sure you do too.
Here's a little reminder ;)

Happy it's-almost-Friday! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Do the do

From my days of being completely self absorbed came some key techniques in looking your best with not a whole lotta time. I liked to look good, but I didn't like to wake up super extra early to make that happen.
Now that I'm a mom, it's become even more important to be able to get the look in half the time.

So here is my list of the most important things to do when you're doin your do.
We'll start at the top!

Hair- I LOVE a boho chic, beachy wavey style, but let's be real. I don't have the patience to sit there and non-strategically place curls or non-curls or whatever you wanna call them.
If you're like me, then here are a few things you can do to vamp up your just got out of bed look.
For straight hair, wavy, or curly hair, try this sock bun tutorial. It works best if your hair is long, FYI.
You put it in before bed, and it's beautiful in the morning!
If you're hair is already wavy/curly like mine and you just want a way to "tame" it, try these little tricks!
          1. Only wash it 2-3 times a week, and try using sulfate free shampoos. This keeps from stripping/drying your hair and thus causes less frizz. And we all know how horrible frizz gets here in humid South Florida.
          2. Instead of drying it with a towel, use a cotton t-shirt or cotton whatever. The fibers are softer and don't snag your already kinky hair!
          3. Apply coconut oil while your hair is damp and finger comb through. It works as an anti-frizz serum and has great healing properties if you've got any split ends.
          4. Don't use a brush! Pulling and breaking hairs will only make them more resistant to your taming tries.  For a fresher upper, spray some water in your hair and lightly apply some coconut oil. Done and done!

Face- I used to love wearing makeup, but since I'm trying to let my skin clear up, I keep it to a minimum. Which works out great since I don't want to spend the time doing it. I've noticed that there are TWO things that really make a huge difference. Eyebrows and eyelashes. Have these babies under control and you're good to go! 
Making sure your eyebrows are well kept and the right shape can really open up your eyes and make your face appear younger and clearer. Instead of waiting to do your eyebrows/get them done, create a simple pluck here, pluck there morning ritual.

On that same note, mascara can do wonders for tired eyes. Even if I don't apply a hint of foundation, I always remember to curl my eyelashes and apply mascara. The difference is immediately noticeable!
image from google

For some really really amazing all things beauty tips, advice and tutorials, go to You will seriously fall in love with this website. And plus, who doesn't love Lauren Conrad?

Moving on to clothing- Putting together an outfit can be like studying for an AP History exam. It's tedious, sometimes stressful and mostly messy. Most of the time I end up putting on my favorite go-to; jean shorts/jeans and a tee/tank. Comfy and simple, which is all I have patience for these days. But adding some accessories can really make the difference between simple/lazy and simple/chic. 
I'm talkin' jewelry, belts, headbands, and of course, purses. 
These things will bring your look together, and make everything feel complete. You probably already own most of these items, so no harm in actually using them!

Now, it's time for shoes- I am notorious for throwing on my old, overused Reefs and running out of the house. I've noticed, however, that if instead of my flip flops, I wear a simple pair of sandals, flats or even a small wedge, I change the entire scheme of my simple/lazy t-shirt and shorts. If you hate spending money on shoes, try going to stores like Forever 21JC Penney's or shop the sales racks at Macy's or Nordstrom.

I know how much of a pain in the-you-know-what it is to shave your legs, but DO IT. Even if you spend the entire day in your PJ's, having smooth, touchable legs will make you feel better about yourself . And I'm sure your significant other will appreciate it too ;)
Also, wearing a lotion/body spray can help you feel ready to take on the world.

Lastly, treat yourself to a manicure once in a while! They can be as cheap as 8 bucks, and sometimes it's nice to have someone do something for you for a change. Leave the kids with the man, call some girlfriends, and turn it into a girl's day. You won't regret it!

Feeling good about yourself doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. It's as simple as taking the extra 5 minutes a day to take care of number 1. And yes, you are number 1 even if you disagree. 'Cause if the momma/wife/girlfriend isn't happy, then nobody is happy.

I hope these few tips helped you- I know they've made a world of a difference for me!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Let's make it right

Have you ever had one of those, I can't believe I just spent the entire day in my pajamas, day?
Please tell me I'm not alone in this- 'cause today was one of those days.
I didn't even realize it was happening until Todd came home from work.
It hit me real hard.
And all at once, all those days of putting on makeup, doing my hair, getting dressed, hit me like a hammer on a whack-a-mole's head.
What happened?
When did those days end, and when did I become the mom from that Suave commercial?
When did taking care of myself become a burden rather than an indulgence?
I can't even use the mom card- I've only got one and he's pretty immobile. Doesn't the I-don't-have-time phase start when you have to actually chase them around?
I have come to the conclusion that I have become lazy. My thought is, I don't go anywhere, I don't see anyone, I don't need to make myself presentable. Day after day, I throw whatever is clean on, put my hair up in a bun, and leave my face untouched. And eventually, I started to look at myself differently. I became consumed with the idea that I was losing myself. That sewing or blogging could help me feel myself again.
But truth be told, neither of those things have done the trick.
And today, I figured out why. I have lost myself.
I have forgotten that I'm 20 years young. That I will be the magical 21 in a matter of weeks.
That I have an insanely attractive husband, and that I really love the beach. Especially if I've got my husband and a cold margarita with me.
That I love clothes, shoes, makeup, and doing my hair.
That I love reading teeny boppy books that I'm way too old for, and that I love watching the shows about those books even more. (Oh c'mon, you know that The Vampire Diaries kicks some serious butt.)

And in figuring this all out, I have decided to start putting effort into my existence once more.
I know that some days will be pajama days, and I'm okay with that.
But I want to feel young again.
I want to have date nights, and take long walks on the beach holding the hand of the only man I have ever loved.
I want to drive to the middle of nowhere and sit in a field of flowers, just me and my boys. I want to see a real night sky, with real stars, and spend time finding constellations.
I want to eat ice cream that's way too fattening, and forget that I'm trying to lose 5 more ponds.

Have you ever heard that Hannah Montana song?
Life's what you make it, so let's make it right. 
She knows what's up.

I plan on making it right.
Wanna join me?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Caught up in the moment

Have you ever woken up in the morning and just known it was cold outside?
Subtle hints awaken your senses, like the pale golden sunlight streaming through the half closed blinds, or the smell of earth sneaking in through the cracks under the doors.
The tile floor assaults your bare feet with it's cold demeanor and makes you quick step all the way to the bathroom.
The usual sun warmed water running through the pipes is nowhere to be found and has been replaced by an icy stranger.
You hightail it back to the room and jump under the covers, sinking down into warmth and comfort.
That's how you know it's cold outside.

And when you finally decide to get yourself up and dressed, you know that it's just too beautiful outside to do silly things inside, like cleaning..
Oh, and that shirt that's been sitting in the baby's closet that just screamed winter? It can finally be worn. It was almost too late, since he's been growing so fast.

From the very beginning, I made it a point to make sure that he knew that his bed was his, and our bed was ours. We didn't nap together and he's only slept in our bed once when he was sick.
It's not that I don't love to snuggle him, because trust me I do every chance I get. I just didn't want to end up having a 4 year old sneaking in our bed in the middle of the night.
Now all I do is lay him down once I notice that he's sleepy, and off to dreamland he goes.
He never falls asleep in my arms anymore, and rocking him gets me a slap in the face. Literally.

So tonight, after doing our nighttime feeding, bathing, and changing ritual, he fell asleep while nursing.
And I swear to you I could have sat there all night long.
I memorized the way his hair falls onto his forehead, and the way his nostrils flare when he's breathing.
How his little hand rested lightly on my chest, and the way his buddha belly moved in and out against mine.
I didn't worry about the time, or how I hadn't even eaten dinner.
I was caught up in the moment.

I am so scared of losing these moments. I am terrified I will forget the details of his perfect baby face, the sound of his sweet baby babble, the smell of innocence that so subtly lingers.
I know that one day I'll tell him that I used to change his diapers, and he'll tell me I'm embarrassing him.

So for now, the cleaning can wait.
The sewing will be put aside.
I will savor the minutes I get to spend with him, from the beautiful winter days to the insanely hot summers.
I will remember to get caught up in the moment.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good, good life

Sometimes I go through a whole week thinking it was completely uneventful only to get to the end of it and look back and think, Wow. So much has happened.
I think this happens because I have this mindset that big things equal big memories, good memories. 
So wrong. 
I am continually reminded that the little things matter. They sneak up on you, and they kick you in the face and say remember this! Of course, you don't feel the kick until the week has passed and then you try to remember if you deliberately enjoyed the moment. If you stopped and thought about what it meant.

How it means that your little boy is growing up way too fast, and had his first real meal..

Butternut squash. He wasn't such a fan at first.

And that his first Halloween has come and gone and you won't get to relive that very first costume picking experience. How soon enough he'll be picking his own costumes and they won't be as squishy as an overstuffed monkey. 

We had a Halloween party, and it coincidentally conflicted with Moonfest, so of course not a lot of people showed up. During the party I kept thinking man, too bad more people didn't come. But of course, now I look back and I know that it didn't matter how many, but who. We had fun,we made memories, and one day we'll look back and say, remember that Halloween party that nobody came to? 

That little guy up there ^ is a dragon named Toothless. It's what I used to call Aubrey, but it no longer applies since he cut his first tooth this week. I was wondering why nursing him felt different, and was excited to rub my finger on his gums and find a little nub of a tooth. Except it's more sharp than nubby, and it shows itself more and more everyday. And while the excitement of his first tooth was my foremost reaction, I realize that this means he is growing up, and it is ultimately just one more daily reminder that my baby will not be my baby forever.
It's bitter sweet.
But that's life.
With each day that passes, I am more determined to take the bad and turn it into not so bad. To make each and every day a day to remember. Because if when I am old and dying, my face is etched with laugh lines and I'm surrounded by the ones I love, then I'll know that I lived a good, good life.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I pin, you pin, we all pin for Pinterest!

If you haven't already discovered it, do yourself a favor and get on it!
It's a website called Pinterest, and it was love at first pin.
I swear it's more addicting than cocaine to a junkie.
Not that I know what cocaine is like, but you get the idea.

I've gotten the inspiration I needed to finally go through my disaster of a closet and get rid of clothing I haven't touched in too long. Granted, I was pregnant for most of the past year, but let's face it. Those cute distressed daisy dukes I rocked pre-pregnancy don't fly for a new momma. 
It's time to leave my flirty, teenage wardrobe in the past, and embrace a new mom-approved look.
Just to give you an idea of what I have planned, here's a picture from none other than Pinterest.

Minus the heels, of course. I could never walk in them before, and now with a baby on my hip? Forget it.
But I want my wardrobe to include a lot of high waisted skirts/shorts/pants, blazers, textures and patterns that can easily blend together or be worn separately.
I'm going to have a few "essential" pieces in solid colors and work around those. That way I'm not spending money on separates that I never end up wearing because I have nothing to wear them with.
You know what I'm talkin' about.

Anyways, if you want an invite to Pinterest (you have to either be invited or "apply" for an invitation) then shoot me your email!
But be warned, you will spend entirely too much time on there, and get entirely too many ideas stuck in your head. It's guaranteed. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

When one door closes

I want to thank each and every one of you that prayed for Todd through this job searching journey.
It has been a rough year, but the light at the end of the tunnel has finally been reached.
Todd got the job at Target.
He was supposed to have a total of five interviews, but after the fourth, they let him know that it was not necessary to have another interview. They wanted him.
The best part?
Not the fact that the pay is better, or that the benefits are better. Not even the fact that they offer tuition reimbursement.
No, the best part is that, instead of leaving for work at 10:30 AM, when they baby is just waking up, and getting home at 8 PM, when the baby is getting put to bed, he'll be leaving at 6 AM and getting home at 2 PM.
That means time to play with Aubrey.
Dinner with the family.

God is good.

The funny thing is, Todd applied for this same position at a different Target store, further away from the house, and didn't get it.
It was a long process, and he made it through to the third interview, but they ended up going with an internal candidate.
He felt stuck- disappointed.
But I tried to remind him daily that he had a job, we could pay our bills and buy diapers, and that we were better off than a lot of people. He would smile, and say I know.
But Todd's the kind of guy that wants to buy the people he loves everything.
And when he couldn't do that, he was reminded of how he felt like he couldn't provide enough.
So when the same position he had applied for earlier opened up at a store five minutes from our house, it was a no brainer. He applied, went through what felt like the never ending interview process, and he got the job.
Perfect timing too, what with the "demotion" and all.

Just remember, if you ever feel stuck in a rut, or low on your luck, that when God closes one door, he always opens another.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

4. Four. Cuatro.

   Okay, I told you I would come back to the 10 Simple Truths project, and I'm sorry it has taken me this long, but a lot has been going on in Rocky's boring Modern Life. 

  I'll be totally honest with you. I don't have a lot of patience with people. If you're in front of me in line at Publix, and you take forever to pay because you keep telling the cashier to take things off, then put them back on, then run to a nearby aisle to grab something you forgot, and I told Mom it was going to be a short trip, that I would be back to feed the baby in no time, and no time turned into 45 minutes, then yes, I will go home and tell my husband all about the dumb lady who couldn't make up her mind.
(I am sorry if this is ever you. I don't really think you're dumb, I just have no patience.)

So, this a two part flaw.

A) I have very little patience
It's not all of the time, or with everyone I encounter, but I get frustrated easily. 
When the baby's tired and decides he wants to throw himself 27 times, causing me to almost drop him 26 times.
When I ask Todd to do something, and because he's laid back, relaxed and chill, he takes a little longer than I would like and I get annoyed.
When my Mom asks me too many questions that I know none of the answers to.
Please don't think I'm an angry person, or that I get annoyed with any of you. I don't. It's usually just with my family, and I think it's because I know they have no choice but to love me. ;)
In all seriousness, it is something I've been working on, and improving on. I just have to remind myself to stop, relax, and enjoy life. Even the parts that don't seem to be very enjoyable.

B) I call people mean names. 
Most of us do. 
And I never thought anything of it, until I became aware of it. Dumb, Lame, Stupid, Moron, Idiot, Retard.. 
It's pathetic how many times some of these words have escaped my lips. While in the car, in the store, at home...
I started to type that I don't mean them maliciously, but how else can an insult be taken? 
No matter how you mean them, if you say them to someone's face or behind their back, it's wrong. I know it's taken me this long to realize it, but I want to seriously encourage all of you to be aware of it. To stop and think about it before you say it. After all, you know what they say. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. 
Oh, Todd came home from work the other day telling me how there's this guy he works with who calls people clowns. Like, he's such a clown. Or, don't be a clown. Anyways, I think it's a pretty reasonable substitute for those other words, and have replaced them in my vocabulary with clown. It makes me laugh when I say it, so then of course it never really sounds like an insult.

I can't really think of anything positive about me right now. 
I was going to try and make something up, but this is supposed to be about me being real and honest.
And if I'm really honest, I'd say that I think I'm a decent enough person to not be called a bad person, but I don't feel like I'm good enough to be called a good person. 
I guess I've got some things to work on, and I'm okay with that. 
It's the simple truth. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

One day at a time

  As I sit here, with my windows open and the smell of fresh cut grass wafting through the room, I am reminded of how much I dislike summer. I would say hate, but that isn't quite true.

  Summer once had its perks. It meant no school, parties, beach, parties at the beach, concerts, frozen margaritas, staying up late and sleeping in. It meant being young, lazy and irresponsible.
And while I will always treasure the memories those summers brought, the disgustingly hot season now means one thing- staying inside with the baby to avoid being seared by the heat and dying from heat exhaustion.
Alright, maybe that's an exaggeration, but it feels true nonetheless. I swear this past Summer was the hottest one yet. I am gladly welcoming this Fall weather, which is a first for me.

  Fall used to mean back to school. Wearing ugly uniforms that were too warm for Summer and way too skimpy for Winter. It meant spending 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, with annoying teachers and gross cafeteria food. Nothing good came from fall and the succeeding months.
Funny how being a mom changes things.

Fall now means staying warm in our jammies 'till late morning.

Taking walks when daddy leaves for work, and taking another when he gets home.

And it means potato and squash soup and grilled cheese for dinner..

Yeah, it was that good.

Tomorrow, Todd and I are going to get to spend our first Saturday together in what may be months. And Sunday too.
Unfortunately, it's because a "demotion" took place, but it's our first weekend together in a while nonetheless.
Just when you think money can't get any tighter.
But there's no point in worrying about something you can do nothing about. If there's anything I've learned this year, it's that.

For now, I'm going to enjoy the blessings of cool weather and a weekend.
And take it one day at a time.