Monday, July 30, 2012

Viewer discretion advised

    Facebook tension has been high lately. With all of this Chick-fil-a stuff going on, people have felt the need to speak their minds, some more politely than others. While I am a total believer in doing so, whether I agree with your viewpoint or not, I don't think that Facebook is necessarily the best place to put it all out.
     So here I am. Just a warning, I am going to give my opinion on a few somewhat controversial topics. You can choose to continue reading knowing that you may not agree and you may be offended, or you can click the little red 'x' at the corner of your page. But either way, nothing I say is meant to be taken offensively. I am not a hater, or an extremist. I believe what I believe because I believe (redundant?) it is right.

    So I'm strollin' along FB statuses the other day, and a friend of mine is protesting the fact that people who are pro-gay marriages can say so, but people who aren't get bashed (for lack of a better word) for speaking against it. Then a friend of that person comments that it is easy to be against it (gay marriage) when it doesn't negatively affect your life. I wanted to comment, in ALL CAPS, and say, 'How dare you presume that something like that doesn't negatively affect my life?' Yes, I am not gay and I may not understand what it is like to be denied certain rights, but the hell it doesn't negatively affect me.

It makes my job as a parent, to teach my children what I believe, harder. It makes it harder for them to understand the sanctity of marriage. It makes it difficult to understand that God meant marriage to be between a man and a woman. And what about when they go to school and are taught that gay marriage is okay? Non-believers don't want their children to be taught that the world was created by a God in seven days- I don't want my children to be read a book about Pete and Steve living happily ever after.

Now, with all that said, I do not hate gay people. Honestly. I am not the person to decide your fate or judge you based on your orientation. My beliefs come from a biblical standpoint, and if you don't believe in God, well then we're at odds, and that's okay. It happens. Life moves on.
But the problem is, no one wants to move on from this topic. Not the gay people who, while in the process of trying to become 'equals,' are demanding extra attention and special treatment. Not the Christian people, who are claiming to be Christ-like yet shunning anyone with same-sex preferences. Not even the people who claim to not care either way, refusing to take a stand for something, yet feel the need to continue talking about it.

I understand that this is the real world and there are a lot of things that I am going to be against/disagree with, and that I cannot shield my children from controversy. I am fully aware of that. And if my being against something makes me a 'bad person,' then so be it. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. That's all I have to say about that.

Now I wanna talk about a man named Christian Grey. Where do I start?
I'm not gunna lie, I read 50 Shades of Grey. I picked it up under the impression that it was a great book with a to-die-for love story despite the strange description and questionable cover art. After I finished it, I didn't know what to think. I knew it was too much, it was over the top, and it sounded like it was written by a hormonal fifteen year old girl. I knew that it stayed with me, festering in my mind, and not in a good way. At the time I didn't think much of it, but then everywhere I went I heard women of all ages praising it, recommending it to their peers. And then I thought, is this what women really want? A man to abuse them, disrespect them and offer a sexual contract that allows them to be physically used and mentally harmed?

If that's what some women are into, then that's their prerogative. Like I said, I do not want to judge. But I couldn't stop thinking about how any of those woman would feel if their daughter or sister or best friend was Anastasia. Or if their sons were Christian Grey. Maybe that's too much to think about- maybe I should ask if you would let your daughters or sons read this book. If you would want them to support a relationship like that, much less be in one themselves. I hope all of you would say no. I hope that you wish for something better for your children, something pure and lovely.

I know it's just a book. I know that it is a piece of fiction meant to entertain, but it was not entertaining to me. It was disturbing and scary because one day, maybe even already, it will become something that is widely accepted. Abusive relationships, and that is exactly what that book is about, should never ever be accepted. I don't care how good-looking, rich or well mannered any Christian Grey is.

Then there's this whole 'gun laws need to be changed' thing going on. What happened in Colorado was an absolute tragedy. NOBODY deserved that. It was the doing of one man; one scary, psychotic man with too much anger and too much time on his hands. But I am not as concerned about one man with a gun than I am the whole government with all of the guns. The second amendment was put in place to ensure citizens have the means to protect themselves, not only from one another when necessary but also from their government. And whose to say that gun laws would stop people from obtaining guns? It's easy to get one from the black market and that wouldn't stop just because their illegal to own- criminals tend to disobey laws.

People will argue that maybe it should just be illegal to buy assault rifles, or so much ammo, and while that may seem to make sense, if you give the government an inch they will surely take a mile.

The world is a scary place. It's come too far from what it was founded on and the ideals of our forefathers have been shoved under mattresses to be better accommodate those that choose not to believe in God. If praying has been taken out of schools because it's offensive to non-christians, than why can they still teach Evolution if it's not what everyone believes? The freedom of speech and press and the freedom to believe and practice what you choose has to go both ways.
The best any of us can do is to try to be the best we can be, to be accepting of everyone despite their choices. It doesn't mean we have to be okay with said choices, or support them, but respect goes a long way in making the world a better place.