Monday, August 19, 2013

Support For the Webb Family

In my last post, I linked to a blog and mentioned an old friend. Growing up, I knew her as Amber Thomas, but now she's Amber Webb, married to the love of her life with two beautiful babies; Benjamin, who's 2, and Alexis, who's just over a month old.

Amber is a woman of God; one of the strongest I know. That much has always been true, but the last few years have really tested her faith. Benjamin was born with an extra chromosome, something she lovingly calls a designer gene and we all know as Down Syndrome. Family and friends cried and prayed along with her when she broke the news, but even in the midst of that trial, Amber's motto was God is good.

We followed along on her journey as she raised Benjamin with a husband who was serving our country; gone more often than not, but never once did Amber complain. She let us in on her thoughts and prayers, sometimes questioning but never doubting.

Then Micah, her husband, came home from having served in Afghanistan, and their family was complete.

When she announced that she was pregnant again, everyone celebrated. Another perfect addition to a beautiful family. Alexis Tara Webb was born on July 3rd, 2013, weighing 6 lbs. 5 oz. And just as everyone imagined, she is beautiful, with dark curly hair and a big smile already gracing this world.

No one could have anticipated the news that Amber would soon tell us: Alexis has cystic fibrosis.
To mention that it isn't fair would be a point made in vain. Again we are brought to our knees in tears and prayers for Amber and her family. Here is a link that will tell you more about the disease.

I'm writing you, not only to ask for your prayers for Amber and Micah in this hard time, but also to ask that you would consider making a donation. They are without health insurance and will be making the 3 hour trip to Dallas, Texas to pursue treatment multiple times a week, sometimes staying overnight.

They need a miracle from God and support from you. We know He has a plan. Help Him carry it out.
Amber's Blog has a donate link on the sidebar, which will lead to a Paypal account. Just in case that doesn't work, the Paypal link can be found below as well. Anyone can donate. Anyone can help. Everything, every cent, is appreciated.

Paypal Account for Alexis Webb

***Please share this post with everyone you know!

***UPDATE. The Webb family has been able to procure some sort of insurance since this has been written, but it's still not enough. Treatments for CF can be costly and overwhelming.


  1. I've read this at least a dozen times. "Thank you" doesn't seem like a good enough phrase. You are a blessing, Raquel.

  2. Raquel, the link to PayPal is invalid!

    1. Thank you for bringing that to my attention! I have edited and (hopefully) fixed the issue!


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