Thursday, September 19, 2013

Play in the Rain

I hate to complain about the weather. We do, after all, live in South Florida, where the sun barely shines and it's hot 99.9% of the time. No exaggeration. I've come to expect this, and thus complain as little as possible.

But the past few days? They have sucked. It's not only rained non stop, from sunrise to sunset, but it's been thundering and therefore denying Aubrey the naps he so desperately needs. And so we are cranky, and mildly depressed since we haven't seen the sun in days. 

Yesterday, we're sitting in the house watching Sesame Street, when I decide to say, "Screw the rain!" To myself, at least. I got Aubrey's flip flops on, grabbed an umbrella, and we walked around the neighborhood and splashed in puddles for a good hour.

I forgot what it's like to be a kid and play in the rain.

That was yesterday. He had been in a really good mood all week, despite the lack of naps, and I was starting to think that his terrible two's stage was over.

And then today happened.

Ever have those days where you just have to sit down, take a super deep breath and close your eyes? Cause otherwise you might strangle someone? No? Well, I have. I hate to say that my kid frustrates me, or exasperates me, or drives me frikkin crazy, but he does. He's a good kid, don't get me wrong, but there's just these days where I wonder what sort of alien has replaced him and how I can get said alien to disappear. 

But then he does something really sweet, and I'm all like, how are you so frikkin cute?! Tonight at dinner, we told Aubrey it was time to pray, so he bows his head and folds his little hands and begins to pray.

"Dear Jesus, thank you for the food and my chicken nuggets and my trees. Amen."

God must know what he's doing, because it's moments like that that erase all of the horrible thoughts I had been having all day (lock him in his room, glue him to a chair...) and remind me that I am blessed. 

I am blessed to have such an intelligent, obedient (for the most part), easy going child. I am blessed to have a husband that gets up at the butt crack of dawn and works all day, comes home, plays with Aubrey and then grills dinner. I am blessed to live in South Florida, with it's stupid rain and agonizing heat.

But of course, that doesn't mean that I won't get frustrated. It doesn't mean that I won't yell or wonder if I've lost my mind. It just means that, for every bad moment, for every deep sigh of frustration or eye roll of disbelief there will be ten moments of tear-jerking, heart-warming, love-abounding awesomeness. 

And I guess that's what it's all about; playing in the rain, instead of waiting for it to pass.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monsters Under the Bed

If any of you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, than you know two things I refuse to do.

  1. Cut Aubrey's hair
  2. Put him in a big boy bed
Ignoring the pleas from my very opinionated loving parents, and the smart remarks from others, such as, "Oh my goodness, he can't see with all that hair in his face!" (meaning, CUT THAT HAIR) we have kept it long. I just can't bring myself to get rid of his beautiful blonde curls. What if the curls disappear? What if it all grows back in dark? I would never forgive myself. 

As far as the big boy bed goes, he had never tried to climb out of his crib, despite the fact that he absolutely could. I mean, he's been a head taller than the railing for quite some time now. And even though I was told that I was delaying his growth or some soup like that, I kept him in it. For my own sake. 

Selfish? Maybe. Smart? Yes. 

So lately he's been throwing fits at nap time. Literally throwing his arms and legs into the sides of the crib, rattling it so loudly that I honest to God thought it would shatter underneath him. It held up, of course, but the whole, not trying to climb out yet, went up into flames. 

One minute he was in his crib, and the next minute it was empty. I walked into his room to find him standing on the floor, telling me about how he lost his glow stick and was trying to find it. (The glow stick was a bribe to get him to nap. It didn't work.)

Two things ran through my head at that moment.
  1. This is creepy. I hadn't even seen him climb over the railing, even though I only looked away from the video monitor for less than a minute. It must have taken him ten seconds, tops, to scale the side and catapult over. I couldn't even be mad. I was actually quite impressed. And, 
  2. Thank GOD that didn't end in any broken bones.
After my initial shock and awe, I called Todd and told him we needed to convert the crib. We did so that evening, and after a bath and dinner, Aubrey was shown his new bed. He didn't seem too interested in it, really. I mean, I don't really blame him. A bed is a bed, right? So I'm sitting there thinking, this is gunna suck. I could just imagine him running into our room in the middle of the night, insisting on going out there. (which means going in the living room to play.)

But that didn't happen. I laid him down on his brand new pillow, covered him in his brand new blanket, and placed his familiar lion underneath his arm. Ten minutes later, he was passed out. And he stayed in that bed all night long. 

Ten points for mom.

It was only in the morning when, in the middle of a very peculiar dream, I heard the distant sounds of a door handle jiggling and sat in bed, waiting for my door to be thrown open and Aubrey to come in and announce his presence.

Only, that didn't happen.

I waited a solid two minutes and heard nothing but the whoosh of my fan. No toddler footsteps, no door pounding knocking. Nothing. His bed was empty, so I knew he was up and somewhere, probably getting into trouble. I jumped out of bed and ran to the door, threw it open and.................

came face to face with a pajama and socks clad Aubrey, standing in front of my door like a complete and total creeper. He looked up at me and said, all calmly, "Hi Mommy."

Why do kids insist on being so creepy? I mean, seriously. Not a cool thing to run into in a semi-dark house with thunder and rain as background music. 

Since it was 7:30 in the morning and I hadn't gone to sleep until almost 2, I dragged him into my room and demanded that he lie still and watched cartoons while I slept. I got in another hour and was good to go. 

Of course, the whole nap time fits hasn't been solved. Although he did fall asleep for a few minutes, something must have woken him up cause he was sitting up and screaming bloody murder in no time at all. He didn't get out of his bed, though. I think I instilled a healthy dose of fear into him when I told him that monsters lived under the bed...

Just kidding. I would never do that.

But really, it's not a bad idea.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stuff Kids Say

It's been a little while since I've written, mostly because I just don't feel like I have the time. I probably do, if I really sit down and manage it, but that seems like a lot of work. Instead, I opt to run around like a chicken with my head cut off, spouting things like, god, is it really bedtime already? when dinner hasn't even been made yet.

But what can you do, right?

Since it's 11:30 at night and, well, I'm actually tired for once, this post will be short. But I felt like I needed to share some of the things Aubrey has been saying lately. I honestly don't know where he gets half of it.

(In response to I love you too) I love you three.
When asked why he said that, he replied, "Three bigger than two."

You're my favorite mommy ever.

You're a good friend.

It's not hot, it's warm!

I'm scared cause monsters are outside! (He refuses to believe that they're just trucks.)

(In response to the question why are you so cute?) Cause I Aubrey Lucas Wyckoff!

Phew, it's hot out here! (When we walk outside.)

Mommy, I sick. (When he's trying to get out of doing something.)

Do you want a spankin? (It's terrible, but I could not help but laugh when he said this. He put his hand up in the air and asked it all serious. Probably the funniest thing I could have imagined.)

I said don't do that, Mommy.

It's time for lunch! (When asked what time is it?)

*sigh* There's probably a lot more where all of that came from, but unfortunately, I don't remember them all. Which makes me sad. Because one day I'm going to look back and I'm going to wish I had recorded every single moment. It's not like it's impossible- with technology these days, I could save my entire life to a file. But it just doesn't occur to me in the middle of a diaper change to bust out the camera.

Even though my camera is my phone and my phone is always nearby. But whatever. You know what I mean.

And even though these past couple of days have been trying, I can whole-heartedly say that this stage of his life has been my favorite so far. But more on that another day.

Or night.