Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Review: Randomness

I missed a Sunday Review, but for good reason. I didn't have a lens, and so I didn't take pictures, and a blog without pictures is like a unicorn without a horn. Anyway, I finally got a new lens, but just this past Friday, which means I didn't get the chance to take many pictures.

Except for this one.

I took a few more, but it was my first time shooting in a "studio" setting, and so not all of the pictures were that great. Actually, most of them weren't. There's a lot of stuff to learn and I feel like my head might explode just thinking about it, so it's kind of a trial and error thing right now. Hopefully, one day, maybe soon, I'll be taking pictures like a pro. And then become a pro. Just an idea/possibility I have floating around in my head right now...

Among many other things. It seems like everything is just floating around in there, because thoughts come and go like bursts of wind- felt one moment and forgotten the next. 

The point is, I'll be back on track next week (hopefully) and will have more words and pictures! Until then, Happy Monday! And don't forget to kiss your favorite person on Valentine's Day.